The clips come from Avril's Facebook Livestream on Nov 1 2017. I don't own them. WHILE YOU'RE HERE:
1)The clips come from Avril's Facebook Live (November 1 2017) that she did to promote her foundation's campaign, where she was encouraging people to donate money for youth with Lyme Disease and answering fans' questions. Instead of talking shit on the internet you could donate some money to help kids/young people get proper treatment. You can donate for 2 more days on: http://avril.lymelightfoundation.org/, until November 4.
2) Avril was also talking about her new album during this livestream. Don't forget to buy her new music when it's out ;)
3) I will remove every rude comment under this video. I'm really tired with this conspiracy shit and there will be no spreading bullshit on my channel. If you want to be stupid, go somewhere else because it's not funny anymore.
4) Whole livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qayIJY_Kol8&t=62s
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